Application for coaching Kallio Rolling Rainbow teams on season 2023-2024

Apply with this form to become a coach for some of Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s teams. The following positions are available:

  • Head Coach for A-team
  • 1-2 assistant or bench coaches for A-team
  • Head Coach for B-team
  • 1-2 assistant or bench coaches for B-team
  • Head Coach for C-team
  • •1-2 assistant or bench coaches for C-team

The coaching season for the teams follows the SM-league season of 23-24. The coach’s responsibilities will be tailored to the strengths of the selected individual, and the most important aspect is to find someone who can commit to developing with the team throughout the 2023-24 season. If you have even the slightest interest in coaching, assistant coaching, bench coaching, or player coaching, please submit an application. Our teams are happy to discuss with everyone that have applied in order to find the most functional role for the coach within the community. Submitting an application does not commit you to anything.

Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s A-team, All Colours, competes in the Finnish Championship Series and possibly some international games. The SM-league consists of approximately 5 tournaments and a final tournament. During the season, the team mainly travels within Finland but may travel abroad 1-2 times as well.

Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s B-team, Kinapori Fistfunkers, has registered to play in the SM-league I-Division, where mainly other leagues’ B-teams, smaller leagues, and even smaller league’s combined teams play.

Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s C-team, Piritorin Ässät, is intended for newer players and those who want to play friendly matches with other leagues nearby.

Mitä taitoja/ominaisuuksia haluan kehittää tehtävässä? / What skills or qualities I want to improve in the post?
Jos minut valittaisiin tehtävään, mitkä kolme periaatetta/arvoa johtavat toimintaani?
If I was appointed to the position, which three principals/values would lead my work?
Mitä tehtäviä ja tavoitteita haluaisin itselläni olevan seurassa/joukkueessa ja miten toimintaa voidaan arvioida /
What tasks and goals would I like to have in the league/team and how can the activities be evaluated
Aikatauluihini/elämäntilanteeseeni liittyvät seikat, jotka voivat vaikuttaa osallistumiseeni
/ Things regarding my life and schedules, that might affect my participation
Miten kuvailen itseäni tiimityössä, ja vuorovaikutuksessa muiden kanssa?
How I would describe my interaction skills and myself working in a team?

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