Player application for Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s recreational team

Ässät are back on the track! Apply now to become an ace in Piritorin Ässät, Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s hobby team. Aces are newer players and those who don’t really want to compete in roller derby. You can apply to Piritorin Ässät if you have passed the minimum skills requirements or have a similar skill level.

Applying requires

  • Experience in roller derby training
  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Passing the minimum skills test or skills of a similar level
  • Selected players must become a member of KRR

You can apply to the amateur team if you have passed the minimum skills test or you’re on the same skill level.

If you haven't decided, we all can help you to find your own!
Muuta kokemusta kuin KRR alkeiskurssi? Miten hyvin tunnet säännöt?
Other experience than KRR beginnes' course? How well do you know the rules?
Ideat, ajatukset, palautteet, kommentit, toiveet
Ideas, thoughts, feedback, comments, wishes