Beginners’ Course

Want to learn to skate on quad skates and get to try what that much-talked-out roller derby really feels like? Come and try skating at Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s Open Skate and start a beginner’s course in roller derby!

Beginners’ courses are held a few times a year as low-entry courses that practice skating techniques with quad skates and the basics of Roller Derby. The course teaches the basics, rules, and skating techniques of Roller Derby from the very beginning. No previous sporting background, skating skills, or knowledge of Roller Derby rules is required. After the course and minimum skills tests, the participants will be able to train for the joint training of the whole club. The age limit for the course is 16 years.

The beginner’s course is implemented ten times as a course. After the course, you will have the opportunity to join the Kallio C team and participate in the games.

Register for the fall 2022 beginner’s course in advance

You can sign up for next fall’s beginner’s course in advance. We will confirm the start-up course schedule after the summer and send additional information and the opportunity to confirm registration to all those who have registered in advance.

Ikäraja 16 vuotta / age limit 16 years
Valitse luistimissa kengänkokosi tai pienempi koko, koska luistimet ovat käytettyjä. Varustevuokra on 15€/kk . Vahvistamme vuokravarusteiden saatavuuden ennen kurssia, vuokravarusteet jaetaan ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä.
/ Please select your "smallest" size, because the skates are used. The rent is 15€/month. We will confirm the availability of rental equipment before the course, rental equipment will be distributed in the order of registration.
Suojat ja kypärät ovat käytettyjä, tule ajoissa paikan päälle ennen tapahtumaa/treenejä niin etsimme sinulle sopivimmat varusteet.
Tässä voit kertoa asioita, jotka valmentajien olisi hyvä tietää & kysymyksiä valmentajille / Personal information that the coaches should be aware of, or questions to the coaches