Application for Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s teams

This is an additional application for Kallio Rolling Rainbow’s B team. Through this binding charter application, players will be selected for the teams, and a player commits to playing in their team’s games if possible within their own schedules. We encourage all those interested in playing to apply! However, you must have completed the minimum skills test to apply for the team

The B team has registered to play in the SM series I-Division, where mainly other club B teams, smaller clubs, and combinations of even smaller club teams compete.

There can be a maximum of 3 crossover players between the A and B teams, but there is no limit to transfer players between the B and C teams (Piritori’s Aces). You do not need to assess your skill level; you can apply to the teams if you are interested in playing!

In the SM series, WFTDA, and 1st Division games, WFTDA rules are followed, and players must commit to following these rules. This also includes WFTDA’s gender policy ( Kallio Rolling Rainbow has decided in a vote following the spring meeting that WFTDA’s Gender Policy’s “gender expansive” term covers all genders except cisgender players.

The application period starts on October 16, 2023.
The application deadline is October 20, 2023, at 5:00 PM.

The application requires:

  • Experience in roller derby training.
  • Knowledge of the rules.
  • In addition, players are required to have an