Application for coaching KRR representative team on season 2022-2023

Apply with this form for coaching in the KRR B-team. The call is open for:

  • Head Coach (1)
  • Assistant Coach(es) (1-2)

The duration of the post is the season of 2022-2023 until 6/2023. After the application deadline, there will be a vote of confidence regarding the positions. The candidates must have the majority of the vote and a confidence of 75% or more in the team. All team members are eligible for voting. If the confidence of 75% doesn’t exist, there will be a discussion within the team. A meeting between the applicant(s) and the team will be organized if necessary. The application does not bind you to anything.

Kallio Rolling Rainbow plays in the Finnish National Series. The series consists of about 5 tournaments and the finals. The team travels mostly in Finland but might travel 1-2 times abroad in a season.

Coaching and leadership tasks:

  • drawing the team’s goals together with the team
  • drawing the practice plan and running the trainings together with other coaches and the training squad and evaluating the achievements periodically
  • attending the leadership meetings and reporting to the Board
  • making a budget for the team’s travel support and equipment
  • doing the team’s charter and game roster selections
  • taking care of the National Series charter and contracts together with the game planning team
  • creating the annual report for the association’s annual report after the season if not planned any other way

The teams will vote on the head and assistant coaches, and the closed vote will be published by a team member. The board will confirm the results.

Mitä taitoja/ominaisuuksia haluan kehittää tehtävässä? / What skills or qualities I want to improve in the post?
Jos minut valittaisiin tehtävään, mitkä kolme periaatetta/arvoa johtavat toimintaani?
If I was appointed to the position, which three principals/values would lead my work?
Mitä tehtäviä ja tavoitteita haluaisin itselläni olevan seurassa/joukkueessa ja miten toimintaa voidaan arvioida /
What tasks and goals would I like to have in the club/team and how can the activities be evaluated
Aikatauluihini/elämäntilanteeseeni liittyvät seikat, jotka voivat vaikuttaa osallistumiseeni
/ Things regarding my life and schedules, that might affect my participation
Miten kuvailen itseäni tiimityössä, ja vuorovaikutuksessa muiden kanssa?
How I would describe my interaction skills and myself working in a team?

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