Beginners’ course confirmation

Course timetable

  • Sat 10.9. 10-11:30 Pasilan urheiluhalli
  • Thu 15.9. 18-19:30 Stadin ammattiopisto
  • Sat 17.9. 10-11:30 Pasilan urheiluhalli
  • Thu 22.9. 18-19:30 Stadin ammattiopisto
  • Thu 29.9. 18-19:30 Stadin ammattiopisto
  • Sat 1.10. 10-11:30 Pasilan urheiluhalli
  • Thu 6.10. 18-19:30 Stadin ammattiopisto
  • Sat 8.10. 10-11:30 Pasilan urheiluhalli
  • Thu 13.10. 18-19:30 Stadin ammattiopisto
  • Sat 15.10. 10-11:30 Pasilan urheiluhalli

The course fee is 40€.

For some of the skaters we can rent skating gear for 15€. We don’t have enough gear for everybody so we’ll go with first come, first serve mentality. The people who signed up first get the gear first.

We’ll encourage y’all to buy your own gear as it’s the most sure way to get the gear. We’ll help you with all of your questions regarding skates and gear!

Let us know if you’re still interested in our course! We’ll answer all of your questions!

Many European derby shops have ready packages for beginners, Roller Derby House and Sucker Punch. There’s also FB group Derbykirppis Rollaattori. You should write your own ”in search of” post as the group is slow and, thus, sadly, you can’t be sure you’ll find gear from there.